Discours de l’Ambassadeur à l’occasion de la cérémonie de pose de la première pierre de l’hôpital d’Etat de Dörtyol, Hatay (16.04.2019)

Speech of HE Charles Fries, Ambassador of France to Turkey,
Dörtyol New State Hospital Ground Breaking Ceremony, April 16 2019

Dear representatives of the Turkish Government
Dear representatives of the Hatay municipality
Dear members of Parliament
Dear representatives of the Syrian community in Dörtyol
Dear Excellencies, representatives from the European Union and European Member States
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very pleased to be here with you today for the ground breaking ceremony of the Dörtyol New State Hospital.

I would like to start by commending the hospitality and the incredible solidarity that the Turkish Government and the Turkish people have shown while hosting more than 3,5 million Syrian refugees on their soil and being, as we all know, the biggest refugees host country in the world. I would like to reaffirm that France, as other EU Member States, stands with Turkey in this regard, namely through the six billion euros of the FRIT.

I am very glad to see this very important project coming to light. We know that the presence of a significant number of refugees, namely in Hatay province, creates additional challenges in the provision of basic services, in health or education sectors for example. This new State Hospital will help provide health services of high quality and answer the needs of the refugees and the host population in this region.

I am also very proud that the French cooperation agency, “Agence française de développement” also known as AFD, whose Regional Director, Rémy Genevay, is amongst us today, has been chosen to implement this very important project. I would like to express my appreciation of the work AFD has achieved since its teams have started operating in Turkey in 2005 and, more specifically, the very good cooperation it has put in place with the Turkish authorities. I hope that this flagship project will help AFD and the Ministry of Health reinforce their already fruitful cooperation and will pave the way for the implementation of new projects, possibly with funds emanating from the second tranche of the FRIT.

I would like to thank all the partners involved in the implementation of this project for their hard work, namely AFD, the EU Delegation, the Ministry of Health and the local authorities in Hatay. I wish them all a full success and speedy progress in the construction of the hospital.
Kolay gelsin to them and thanks to all of you for your attention.

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