Gastronomi şenliği [fr]

The French gastronomy abroad:

For many years now, French chefs have been proudly flying the flag for French Gastronomy all over the world. Thanks to our talented chefs, culinary craftsmen and other professionals in the sector, French Gastronomy is a major export product, a part of everyday life present almost everywhere you go throughout the world. In 2012, the Fête de la Gastronomie will be making its presence felt particularly strongly in two flagship foreign cities: New-York and Tokyo (Japan and the United States of America are the two countries boasting the largest number of Michelin-starred chefs outside France). Chefs, culinary craftsmen and other talented individuals have already begun work on the major events they have planned.

The Fête de la Gastronomie

French Gastronomy is a living thing, a tradition that has cemented French society throughout the centuries, uniting the population at mealtimes and providing a subject of conversation at all times! The Fête de la Gastronomie is all about food and cooking, a joyous, generous occasion, when the general public and professionals from the world of gastronomy get together to celebrate this unique, unifying, identity-creating element of our shared heritage. The festival is organised on the first day of autumn each year. The aim is to spotlight gastronomy in all its many and diverse forms (with the help of those working in the sector, their produce and their expertise) and invite everyone else, whether true foodies or just curious observers, to enjoy French gastronomy’s many treasures wherever they may be.

This year’s theme

This year, the French nation, food-lovers all, will be invited to celebrate the diversity and creativity of their terroirs, whose history and modernity both bear witness to a French gastronomy that is rich and alive, remains close to its roots, and thrives on tradition. Cooking is above all a social and cultural act. The traditions of the French terroir demonstrate its capacity to welcome new ideas and at the same time return repeatedly to its roots, as well as to integrate culinary practices from other places and cultures. Maintaining the rich diversity of produce originating in France’s many terroirs means that the creative cook has a wide palette from which to choose when working on a new culinary creation.

How to join in

Get involved in the festival. Suggest an event.

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