Réception en l’honneur des participants au séminaire organisé par la Direction exécutive du contre-terrorisme des NU

Discours de l’Ambassadeur à l’occasion d’une réception en l’honneur des participants au séminaire organisé par la Direction exécutive du contre-terrorisme des Nations Unies, Ankara, 19 juillet 2011

It is both an honor and a pleasure to welcome you today at the French Embassy in Ankara. Some of you participated to the previous seminar organized by the CTED (Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate), in New York last December, and had lunch at the residence of my colleague. It looks like we are creating a tradition : “terrorism and French gastronomy”.

We also have the honor to have with us distinguished Turkish authorities, we know their involvement in the field of counter-terrorism, the event to which you are participating is one more proof of this dedication. Turkey suffers from terrorism, as we unfortunately saw it once again last week when 13 Turkish soldiers died in a tragic event due to the PKK. We do our outmost to help our Turkish friends investigating and prosecuting the PKK, that conducts financing activities everywhere in Europe and notably in France.

We also have a thought for India – and I know that there is an Indian representative with us today, that has been hit once again, last week, by a terrible terrorist attack in Mumbay.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the President of the CTC (Counter-Terrorism Committee), Mr. Hardeep Pur, and Mr. Mike Smith, the executive Director of the CTED, who is with us today.

I know that all of you are distinguished prosecutors in your jurisdictions that have contributed a great deal to the fight agains terrorism. Your presence here today testifies to your commitment to international cooperation and to what is our common goal, bringing terrorists to justice.

It is the second time that the Security Council gathers prominent counter-terrorism prosecutors from around the world for a practitioners seminar.

This is very timely. As everywhere, challenges affecting the capacity of prosecution services to successfully prosecute terrorist crimes are numerous : cooperation between different legal systems, complexity and internationalization of cases, the need to have dedicated and specialized, resourced units…

France has unfortunately a particular experience to share in the fight against terrorism and I am happy to see that it is well represented at this seminar [Olivier Christen, chef de la section de lutte contre le terrorisme au Parquet de Paris]. We had to keep us to speed with the internationalization of the terrorist threat and have developed modern and efficient tools to increase our cooperation with our neighbours such as joint investigation teams and reinforced partnerships, notably with Spain.

As you know, the Committee, with the precious help of the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, has a bird-eye view of how countries equip themselves with counter-terrorism measures, in particular, in the field of criminal justice. They have seen different models and examined various legal systems. Unfortunately, they also found that international cooperation in bringing terrorists to courts is still hampered in many ways.

I invite you to seize the remaining day that you have and make the most useful findings and discussions. I also hope that this meeting will allow you to make solid professional and - why not – friendly contacts with your colleagues around the world, as these are paramount to building an effective and solid network of practitioners against terrorism.

Please enjoy the cocktail and the remaining time in Ankara./.

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