Request for expression of interest - New State Hospital of Dörtyol –

Monitoring of works ; financial audit services ; communication and visibility services.
In the framework of the European Union Facility for the Refugees in Turkey (FRiT), the European Union has delegated to AFD the implementation of the financing of a fully equipped 250 beds State Hospital in the city of Dörtyol in the Hatay Province. The hospital construction and equipment will be contracted under the direct supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Health. AFD intends to use part of the funds for payments of the following services which will be implemented under 3 different contracts.

AFD hereby invites consultants to show their interest in delivering any of the three services described below. For application, please refer to the link below :

Second level monitoring of the hospital works. The mission of the consultant shall consist of the monitoring, in close articulation with the direct supervision exercised by the Ministry of Health, of the construction of the hospital premises and installation of equipment which will be implemented under a single contract. Monitoring will include review and comment of the best offer before contract negotiation, review of technical and financial reports prepared by the contractor and the supervisory authority as well as regular site visits, and advice to identify the most efficient solutions to identified defects as the case may be. Download

Financial audit services. The mission of the consultant shall consist of providing independent audit services for the period 2018 to 2022. The audit shall give firstly, a professional and independent opinion about the financial statements and, secondly, an opinion about the compliance of the expenditure, in order to ensure that the funds are managed in accordance with the rules and procedures set out in AFD’s contractual documents and used for the purposes for which they have been allocated. Download

Communication and Visibility Services. The mission of the consultant shall consist of assisting AFD starting from November 2018 throughout the end of the implementation period of the Project, June 2021, to design and implement a Communication Action Plan aiming at the diversity of stakeholders in close cooperation with the EU Delegation and the national and local authorities. Various services will involve work in Turkish, English and Arabic. Download

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